‘Clocks’ Cognitive Development Program


Arrowsmith’s flagship ‘Clocks’ program is designed to helps individuals reach their potential so they can improve how you think.

If you want a faster understanding and comprehension of what is read or heard, greater insight, improved logical reasoning and better mathematical skills, this program is for you.


The Symbol Relations ‘Clocks’ program can be offered within a full-time/part-time program either in school, online or as a hybrid.

We also partner with schools to offer an online solution so students can accelerate their education with no disruption to their mainstream learning.

Our structured programs are simple and effective and increase your mental agility and memory making every day better.

“Finally, after 29 years, I am able to learn anything new pretty quickly and I can take notes for the first time..."
Arrowsmith Student
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After seeing the results in his daughter, James also enroled in the Arrowsmith Program.
"Why didn't I do it earlier"?
A1 Parent & Student
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"My work has improved so much, now I can do alot of things I couldn't do before. I got 100% in maths and I'm very confident in all my other tests."
Luke G
A1 Student
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Connor recently completed the 6 week CIP intensive in school program "it's as if my brain has been let out of a cage"
Connor M
A1 Student
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