Our results speak for themselves.
"I have made massive academic gains in all my NCEA subjects. Thanks to A1 Student and Arrowsmith, I achieved some very high grades."

John C

"Sam has been here for two and a half terms and has been absolutely transformed by it

Leanne P

"My work has improved so much, now I can do alot of things I couldn't do before. I got 100% in maths and I'm very confident in all my other tests"

Luke G

"What we were doing wasn't working. We had nothing to lose. We're glad we did, Luke has made massive all round gains and is ready for high school"

Tracey D

"I was struggling at my last school but this is my 4th week here [at A1 Student] and I've had an amazing break through" 

Billy V-M

"It is the most unbelievable feeling. It's like you get everything. How do you put a price on something that has changed your life?"

Arrowsmith Toronto Student<..

"We just know this would never have been possible without Arrowsmith"

Amanda W

Q. "Have you had any results you can share with us?" A."Yes, I'm very happy with science I got 78%!"

Tommy D

"The hopes that I had came true from what we've seen and I would be a strong sponsor of the program"

Simon R

"For us it was just to see Max succeeding and becoming happy"

Helen R

"The fact that it's measured, prescribed and you're rigorously measuring is fantastic ... "

Gary F

Q. "I hear you've passed your current assessments...."         A. "Yes, all of them"

Alex W

"Looking at the results and who Brodie is today, if I had to start again tomorrow, I'd do it."

Debbie H

"I can now give him 3 instructions whereas before you could give him one at a time... he is more confident because of the program"

Vanessa P

"Last night I asked my daughter the time. She casually looked at the clock and said 5.25pm. I have tried for 2 years, you did it in 2 weeks!

Sharon E