MSS Handwriting Development

MSS Handwriting development program

Do you have messy handwriting or struggle to complete tests and assignments on time?

Can you speak better than you can write? Is your spelling poor? Do you miscopy letters or numbers making “careless” errors?

This program is for you if the answer is yes to any of these.

Designed to improve writing, typing, reading speed and communication, once handwriting is automatic it frees up your brain’s capacity to do other learning tasks.

Feel more confident and improve your writing, spelling, typing, reading speed and written expression. Make fewer ‘careless errors’ in reading and mathematics. 

Our structured program is simple to follow and effective.

Commit and it will improve your handwriting and improve your learning making every day better.

individual program

Motor Symbol Sequencing [MSS] Handwriting development

Accelerate your child’s learning with this cognitive program.

The Motor Symbol Sequencing [MSS] cognitive program designed to accelerate the learning of a student in a wide range of areas including literacy and numeracy by freeing up brain capacity.

cohort class program

Motor Symbol Sequencing [MSS] 'First-in-Class'™*

[available within an approved school]

First-in-Class’™* is undertaken by an entire class or cohort within any New Zealand school so that all students in a class strengthen their foundation for learning. 

Please contact us if your school is interested in this program.

Benefits to Handwriting & sentence structure



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