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Our established international neuroplasticity program changes your capacity to learn which helps you unlock your full potential.

Why compensate for a learning difficulty when you can actually strengthen the core underlying weakness behind it?
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introduction / overview

A1 Student is an ERO 900 Minisitry of Education approved private school which offers Arrowsmith, an international neuroplasticity program. 


Everyone can benefit from the Arrowsmith Program. Our students are aged from 7 to adults of any age. Our program can improve your memory, reasoning, problem-solving, comprehension, written expression, and understanding of social relations.

If you fall into one of the following groups and want to actively participate in all aspects of life, please contact us below.

College Students Improve your grades with Springboard to NCEA™

Students despite additional tutoring, are you still struggling at school?  We help students address the core of their learning difficulties like dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, ADD and mild spectrum disorders so they better understand and remember their academic coursework.

Adults Over 10% of the adult population have dyslexia. If you ‘work around your learning difficulties’ but wish to address your cognitive weakness, this can be achieved from your office with a regular 30-minute online session.

Entrepreneurs who want to Think Fast and Dream Big can do so by improving their cognitive capacity, processing speed, and working memory.

Retirees often experience loss of memory as they age. Arrowsmith can help you stay mentally sharp and fit so you enjoy life more.


Established International Program

Arrowsmith is celebrating it's 40-year anniversary.
Barbara Arrowsmith-Young created her first exercise in 1978 and since this time her program now comprises cognitive exercises to address 19 different areas of the brain.


Our brain can strengthen and form new pathways when subjected to regular exercise, much like the body. This ability to change is called neuroplasticity which is fundamental in the learning of anything new.

In School Teacher Ratio Big Team : Small Class

The Arrowsmith Program is not taught like a traditional class lesson. Each student has their own separate course program and timetable. Our fully trained Arrowsmith Program facilitators are supported by teacher aides to ensure all our students remain on task and work at their own pace on what they need.

Online 1-on-1 At Home or At Work

Our online remote programs led by a trained Arrowsmith facilitator make it possible to enrol in our courses without leaving your existing school, office or home.

Simply schedule a regular 30-minute online session at a time which suits you and feel the difference in your cognitive speeds.

Individual Arrowsmith Programs

A cognitive profile is unique like your fingerprint, just like your learning needs.

Before a student is enrolled on the comprehensive Arrowsmith Program they undertake an Arrowsmith assessment which measures 19 different cognitive areas of the brain.

We design a separate program for each student and provide them with their own individual timetable so everyone works on exactly what they need.

We target the core issues

We do not use any compensatory methods. instead we address the actual learning challenge.
The benefit of this is that it allows each student to focus on the root of their particular deficit so they can build a strong foundation from the ground up.

Real-time Reporting

Irrespective of whether you enrol with A1 Student in school or online, your computer based cognitive work is constantly synchronised and assessed by Arrowsmith Toronto in real-time.

Your Arrowsmith program is designed around your specific learning needs with regular supervision by a fully trained Arrowsmith facilitator. To ensure you make gains, we constantly monitor your progress and your program goals so that you complete your work at your own pace.

Internal Locus of Control

Research since 1966 shows that the less external help a student receives, the greater their positive outcome in academic achievement, personality, and social adjustment. Arrowsmith teachers do not provide answers, reduce workload, or ask parents to re-teach concepts at home. The parent is not in the educational environment, other than to encourage and cheer their student onto success. The result is that our students believe in their own engagement in life. You are not successful in the Arrowsmith Program because of luck or fate, but due to your own determination, resilience, and responsibility.
The result is a happy student confident in their own abilities.

We Turn "I Can't" into "I can"

1 in 5 New Zealand children are unable to learn effectively within a mainstream class due to learning difficulties.
We help build all our students build a stronger foundation for learning through a faster cognitive speed and increased working memory so they unlock their potential and believe they can.

Backed by Scientific Research

Scientific Studies, Research & Brain imaging prove the effectiveness of the Arrowsmith Program.

Our Results speak for themselves™

Our students find that the Arrowsmith Program improves  not just their academic standard of work but also their overall abilities at school, sport, work etc and for adults, it is unlocking greater employment opportunities.

Once new neural connections are made, they remain with lasting benefits which is why our students and their families say "this program has literally changed my life"


Your brain is unique and it is common to have strengths alongside learning difficulties. If you have exceptional ability as well as a learning disability, like dyslexia, this is commonly referred to as twice-exceptional, or 2e and if you would like an overview of your own profile please take our free online cognitive test.  

Traditional education policy is built around the premise that your brain is fixed and you must use compensatory methods to help work around their learning difficulty.  However instead of ‘learning to live with a defecit’ you can in fact strengthen the area of your brain which is causing your learning disability. Brain imaging and scientific research prove that your brain, like your body, can respond to regular exercise so you can change your cognitive profileThis is called neuroplasticity which is the ability of the networks in the brain to make new neural connections and cortical remapping.


Traditional thinking - The brain is fixed

"Learn to live with a learning difficulty and stay stuck!"
CompensatoryUse tools and technology to reduce the impact of the learning difficulty 
Content/Skill BasedTask analysis, match the strengths of the learner to the method of teaching
StrategyTeach the learner rules or strategies to approach the material to accommodate their deficit
The learner is fixed so the individual must work around their learning difficulties and live with it.

THE NEW REALITY - The brain can change

"Why compensate for a learning difficulty when you can strengthen the underlying weakness behind it?"
Capacity Based  –Neuroplasticity is the ability to modify the brain through exercise. Whenever we learn a new task our brain forms new neural pathways which strengthen the more we practice the task. 
The Arrowsmith Program uses the science of learning to change the brain so that learning capacities can be strengthened and changed through targeted cognitive stimulation.
Scientific research and brain imaging now prove that the Arrowsmith Program can change your cognitive profile.


We build happy, confident, successful individuals who already possess natural strengths that make them hard-wired for the demands in the future.

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