Full-Time & Part-Time in School

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A1 Student offers full and part-time programs that change your brain and improve your learning capacity.

Designed to help students aged 7+ years and adults both program modules can be offered in school, online or in conjunction with another school so students can strengthen their education with no disruption to mainstream learning.

Think differently within months and feel the benefits.

FULL-TIME/ PART-TIME PROGRAMS designed around you

In School

Individual in-class learning. 


A combination of in-class and remote learning sessions enables students to design a programmed timetable that best suits their needs. 


We work alongside other schools and their learning support departments to offer online sessions so students can strengthen their education with no disruption to mainstream learning.


Full-Time programs comprise 4 – 5 exercises per day

Minimum of 3+ hours a day

Course Duration One year [10+ months]

Literacy and Maths/ Numeracy, Arts; Crafts; Science & extra-curricular activities and Homework.

Assessment required


Part-Time programs comprise 1-3 exercises per day.

 Minimum of 4 hours per week per cognitive function

Course Duration One year [10+ months]

Assessment required

FULL-TIME vs part time?

The faster you build a strong foundation for learning the sooner you can start achieving academic success. Watch the video to see why.

Full-time programs include periods of literacy and maths designed around student ability.

Part-time programs are suited to students with fewer learning dysfunctions or students who  want to improve their cognition and NCEA grades.

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