Improve your mental fitness
with our p
roven brain exercises
and make every day better.

Our structured online program is simple and effective.

Spend an average of 
40 minutes a day on our targeted cognitive exercises at any time you choose and start to feel the difference in the way you think within the first three months. 

It is common to be anxious about decreasing mental agility and becoming less able to handle complex tasks. This can be accompanied by a fear of losing the ability to make decisions or recognise familiar people or places.

Concerned about losing their independence and becoming a burden on loved ones, 
individuals also worry about developing aphasia, apraxia or agnosia resulting in a tendancy to become less social and withdrawn.

Instead of worrying about a decline,  take action and improve your cognitive ability. Our scientifically proven International Program helps to prevent memory loss and cognitive decline with the following benefits:


Increase your mental agility, creativity and abstract thinking


Improve your focus, concentration and memory  


Improve your mood and mindset  


Enhance your critical thinking skills  


Strengthen your social skills and engagement  


Enhance your multitasking skills  

Whether you are looking to play better bridge, chess or other activities which depend upon mental agility and recall or you just want to improve your thinking and your memory to make every day better, our program can help.


Online development to strengthen your cognitive function at your own pace. Ideal for adults and independent learners.

  • Complete the program when you choose. Flexible scheduling to fit around your other commitments.
  • Sessions 40+ Minutes a day. (Sessions can be up to 2 hours. The target is to complete a total of around 4 hours a week for fast progression and results) 
  • Built-in-training modules with online guidance to help you work through each exercise.
  • Regular Online meetings/check-ins each month. Stay on track with an online meeting once every two weeks with a trained Arrowsmith Program Facilitator to review your progress, provide assistance and help you reach your goals.
  • Recommended Course Duration 10 months (Minimum Commitment 2 Months)  
  • Program Cost/ Tuition Fees $500/month+GST

Here is an example of an in-school student adding and subtracting in his head.

The speed of this exercise is controlled by the student so that as they start to think faster they can complete the exercise more quickly and achieve a new personal best.

If you would also like to think faster, learn quicker and remember more, book a call with us.
It will transform your life.

Take action and start protecting your brain today and feel the difference. You'll improve your memory and cognitive abilities and transform your life.
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