Improving NZ Education Standards is of National Importance!

Hon Nikki Kaye, the National Party Education spokesperson visits A1 Student



Hon Nikki Kaye, National’s Education spokesperson, is looking at a substantial reform of New Zealand’s education system to ensure that all New Zealand children have an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

National are looking at how the New Zealand Curriculum can be strengthened to improve literacy and numeracy, particularly as New Zealand is now ranked 33 out of 50 Worldwide and 27% of 9- and 10- year olds now test at low or below literacy levels.

Nikki’s review includes looking into new developments in education such as neuroplasticity and learning. She recently visited A1 Student to meet with students of the Arrowsmith Program that has helped students from around the world accelerate their learning for over 40 years.

Programs like Arrowsmith can help a child build a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy within a mainstream class. It also offers students who have a learning difficulty a more effective intervention. Arrowsmith does not use compensatory methods; instead it addresses the core learning challenge.

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Hon Nikki Kaye and Rochelle Lee learning about the Arrowsmith Program with Pip Block, Principal of A1 Student


Hon Nikki Kaye & Rochelle Lee try their hand at Arrowsmith



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This incredible research can change our education system

Neuroplasticity and advances in education globally now mean all students have the potential to increase their capacity to learn.

You can change your cognitive profile and turn a previously weak area into a strength.

Students who start by ‘learning how to learn’  so they build a strong foundation before they focus on the content within academic subjects are finding they are able to achieve more.

This breakthrough research will benefit students in mainstream classes but it is perhaps more significant for children with a learning difficulty as it can transform their ability to learn.

Please watch and share this video and if you’d like to meet Barbara Arrowsmith-Young in person she is coming to Auckland in Feb 2020.

Barbara, the founder of Arrowsmith, will talk about how she has developed a program over the last 40 years which is changing traditional thinking about how we learn.

Barbara will present the exciting new developments in scientific research and brain imaging to coincide with the release of the new edition of her International best-selling book ‘The Woman that changed her brain’

This event will be of interest to parents, all those in education, neurology, mental healthcare and other areas where there is potential for cognitive gain. 

click here for tickets.


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