Our in-person and online courses improve your ability to learn and increase your memory. 

For individuals who want a program designed to match their individual needs the Arrowsmith Assessment identifies which areas the student should prioritise. 

This individual approach gets better results faster so if you are committed to transforming your learning, we can help.

Teachers and parents find the Arrowsmith cognitive profile offers an explanation of each student’s cognitive, academic, and social differences which is easy to understand. 

For the first time, parents grasp their child’s behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses leading to increased patience, support, and advocacy for their child. As one  parent said,  “It explains so much why she is the way she is.”

Understanding behaviour through a cognitive lens leads to compassion and is the starting point for change.

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WHAT areaS does the ARROWSMITH assessment cover?

Neuroscience recognises that learning is the result of the complex interactions of brain networks which work together. Where one or more of these functions are weak, learning becomes more difficult.

Traditional psychological or educational assessments usually seek to diagnose a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, poor executive function, attention problems or auditory processing disorder but the Arrowsmith Assessment classifies the core cognitive functions on a 12-point rating scale to identify how a particular function is operating and contributing to a given learning task. The Arrowsmith Assessment provides an individual report on your unique and specific combination of strengths and weaknesses. 

The Arrowsmith Assessment measures cognitive performance in each area below to identify an underlying cause of a learning difficulty, inconsistent performance or social and emotional difficulties. 

Our part-time programs may not require an assessment but it is required for our full-time programs. This is because the assessment determines the exercises that each student should prioritise.     

By identifying any learning difficulties, inconsistent performance, or social and emotional difficulties Arrowsmith can design an individual program tailored to your exact needs.

Auditory and visual memory

Problem-solving and reasoning

Numeracy comprehension

Literacy and writing

Social Engagement
Thinking and Reasoning


Visual memory for symbol patterns

Auditory memory for facts and instructions
Visual memory for Objects

Non-verbal Problem Solving

Effective Social Interaction

Spatial Reasoning

Turn your weak areas into strengths


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