Children or adults who are encouraged to develop a strong internal locus of control believe that their success is dependent on their own engagement in life. 

Research since 1966 shows that the less a parent ‘helps’ their child, the more able the child is able to develop their own self-confidence and the more positive the outcomes for their academic achievement, personality, and social adjustment.  

For students struggling with academic subjects due to a cognitive deficit, simply increasing academic content by providing them with increased volumes of after-school tutoring, extra maths or reading intervention is likely to increase their anxiety and belief that ‘I can’t’. which reduces their internal locus of control. 

The Arrowsmith Program is the first comprehensive assessment-to-intervention program in the world addressing a wide range of cognitive capacities. It helps students to achieve greater academic success because it strengthens the ability to process, memorize and understand the coursework. 

Developed by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young who had a learning disability herself, the program incrementally challenges each student on a specific cognitive task, giving the right feedback to reinforce success when necessary, and move them to mastery level of that cognitive task so that a higher level of cognitive challenge is then presented to that student.

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You are not successful in the Arrowsmith Program because of luck or fate, but rather it comes from determination, resilience and responsibility and hard work. 

Arrowsmith helps individuals build an internal locus of control which directly improves the quality of life at school, sport etc which remain for the rest of their lives. 

  •   Positive, supportive and structured learning environment
  •  We remove ‘classroom peer pressure’ as each student works on their own individual program designed just for them.
  • Removal of compensation methods in order to address the root cause.
  • The Program teacher does not provide answers, reduce workload, or ask parents to re-teach concepts at home.
  • Students build self-esteem by developing competence based on their efforts.
  • The parent is not in the educational environment, other than to encourage and cheer their child onto success. 
  • Clearly defined and individualized goals
  • We celebrate success when a student reaches a significant milestone or mastery is achieved.

If you would like to know more about how Arrowsmith can help you or your child be more successful and happy, book a call with us. We would love to hear from you.

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