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The Arrowsmith Assessment provides a comprehensive insight into your learning capacities.

Start your learning journey from anywhere in New Zealand with an online Arrowsmith Assessment.
We are an established international neuroplasticity program that helps you unlock your full potential.
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Choose your Where. Study at School, Office, or Home.

We understand that it is not the intensity but the consistency, that gets results. You don’t get fit by doing 5 hours in the gym once a week, it’s the 30 minutes or more every day that leads to success and neuroplasticity works in the same way.

To help you succeed, access to the program can now be done remotely from your office, your home, or where ever works best for you. 

Choose your When. Flexible study days and times.

Individual cognitive programs designed around your timetable busy life and start to unlock your full potential. 

Real Time Monitored Facilitator-Led Programs

All in school and At-Home online Arrowsmith programs are supervised by a trained facilitator. The progress of each A1 Student is constantly measured in real time via a tablet goals are adjusted to ensure results are achieved.

Who is the program for?

Arrowsmith was initially developed to help address a wide range of learning difficulties. However over the last 40 years we find that the program can help everyone because it improves your working memory, reasoning, problem-solving,, cognitive speed, comprehension, written expression, and understanding of social relations. 

We enrol students aged from 7 to adults of any age.

Arrowsmith Assessment

The Arrowsmith assessment provides a detailed perspective of your learning. It measures your underlying cognitive capacities that are responsible for learning and provides an individual report on your unique and specific combination of strengths and weaknesses. By identifying any learning difficulties, inconsistent performance, or social and emotional difficulties we can then design a program tailored to your exact needs.

Based on foundations of neuroscientific research, the Arrowsmith Program recognizes learning is the result of the complex interactions of brain networks. These networks are comprised of regions of the brain which each performs its own unique job. Whenever we learn a new skill such as reading or solving a math problem, or we address a new social situation all these functions require several cognitive functions to work together. Where one or more of these functions are weak, learning becomes more difficult.

The Arrowsmith Program Assessment is not a traditional psychological or educational assessment and it cannot be used to obtain mainstream school accommodations, curriculum modifications or compensations that a conventional assessment might. A traditional assessment usually seeks to diagnose a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, poor executive function, attention problems or auditory processing disorder but the Arrowsmith assessment goes beyond this. Instead, it classifies the core cognitive functions on a 12-point rating scale to identify how a particular function is operating and contributing to a given learning task.

“Teachers and parents find the Arrowsmith cognitive profiles—which offer an explanation of each student’s cognitive, academic, and social differences—easy to understand. 

For the first time, many of these parents grasp their child’s behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses, and this understanding has led to their increased patience, support, and advocacy for their child. 

As one  parent said,  “It explains so much why she is the way she is.” Understanding behavior through a cognitive lens leads to compassion, and is the starting point for change.”

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If you are interested in learning more about our programs or you would like to talk about how we can help you unlock your potential, book a 15-minute call with us.

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