Imagine the benefit of first training of the mind to think. The Arrowsmith Program increases your ability to learn by creating new neural pathways in the brain, which strengthens your mind to think better. 

By starting with learning to improve your ability to understand and remember before studying facts A1 Students enjoy a more effective education.

A1 Students naturally see an improvement in their academic results, but they also say that the program has improved their overall quality of life. It gives them a newfound ability to play sports as they ‘can read the game better’. It improves their social skills and self-confidence, making them better equipped for their future when they leave school, or for adults on the program, it opens new job opportunities. 

Change your cognitive profile and you’ll change your life!

Key components of the Arrowsmith Program

  • Detailed assessment and identification of 19 learning dysfunctions
  • A unique individual progam tailored to meet the specific needs
  • Removal of compensation methods in order to address the root cause
  • Innovative methods which include specialized exercises and computerized programs
  • Clearly defined and individualized goals
  • A positive, supportive and structured learning environment
  • Building self-esteem by developing competence
  • Growth of a student’s internal locus of control
  • Low student to teacher ratio

    The Arrowsmith Program’s identification of learning dysfunctions is based on the work of the neuropsychologist, A. R. Luria, who investigated the functions of specific regions of the brain.

    Luria concluded that complex cognitive activities, such as reading, writing and mathematics, require the interaction of several areas of the brain at the same time. Each area of the brain has a very specific role to play and if one part of the brain is impaired, the performance of the learning activity will also be impaired resulting in a specific learning dysfunction.

    The philosophy of the Arrowsmith Program is that these cognitive areas may be improved through strenuous cognitive exercises, resulting in strengthened learning abilities. 

    Each A1 Student in the Arrowsmith Program has a specific schedule of tasks and exercises corresponding with their identified learning profile. These include written, visual, auditory and computer exercises.

    In one instance, a student with an inability to distinguish between similar sounds, such as “hear” and “fear” will be taught to listen to speech sounds drawn from other languages until he/she is able to accurately hear and reproduce the sounds. Repeated practice strengthens the individual’s ability to hear and differentiate English speech sounds.

    Each student enrolled in the Arrowsmith Program is assessed at the end of each year to evaluate progress and the student’s program is modified as needed for the subsequent year. 

    Our goal is to help students increase their learning capacity and reintegrate into a full academic program following completion of Arrowsmith.

    Arrowsmith teaches the student’s success is based solely on their effort, their ability to set goals and to achieve them over time. This increases the internal locus of control. 

    You are not successful in the Arrowsmith Program because of luck or fate, but rather it comes from determination, resilience and responsibility and hard work. Arrowsmith helps individuals build an internal locus of control which directly improves the quality of life at school, sport etc which remain for the rest of their lives. 

    Our Framework for Results

    •   Positive, supportive and structured learning environment
    •  We remove ‘classroom peer pressure’ as each student works on their own individual program designed just for them.
    • Removal of compensation methods in order to address the root cause.
    • The Program teacher does not provide answers, reduce workload, or ask parents to re-teach concepts at home.
    • Students build self-esteem by developing competence based on their efforts.
    • The parent is not in the educational environment, other than to encourage and cheer their child onto success. 
    • Clearly defined and individualized goals
    • We celebrate success when a student reaches a significant milestone or mastery is achieved.


    The Arrowsmith Program comprises a unique combination of three different types of exercises: 

    Computer exercises:
    Strengthen the ability to reason, use logic, and comprehend, as well as exercises for strengthening numeracy skills, reading, and visual memory for symbol patterns and face and landmark recognition.

    Auditory exercises:
    Improve short- and long-term auditory memory, phonemic memory, oral and written output and vocabulary development and to increase the ability to hold and process information (working memory).

    Pen and paper exercises:
    Improve the cognitive capacities required for motor skills related to the mechanical aspect of writing, skills required for written communication, organization and planning, executive function, and skills required for non-verbal communication.


    The premise of the Arrowsmith Program is that the weaker cognitive areas that contribute to learning difficulties can be strengthened through cognitive exercises. Once the source of the learning difficulty is addressed, the learner’s ability to perform complex tasks will also be improved. 


    The philosophy that the learner is not fixed, but can be modified through the application of the principles of neuroplasticity, sets the Arrowsmith Program apart from the majority of other programs for students with learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is capacity based in that its goal is to change the student’s capacity to learn, rather than compensatory which tries to work around the problem. Strengthening these weaker capacities, it is hypothesized, increases the overall functioning of these specific cognitive areas, allowing them to be used more effectively for learning.

    It is essential to first identify each student’s cognitive profile – his or her specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  This is accomplished through a detailed assessment process and this determines which cognitive exercises each student needs to work on.

    The program currently addresses a broad range of cognitive areas from auditory and visual memory, to thinking, problem solving, and reasoning, to numeracy, comprehension, to non-verbal interpretation of situations, to the underlying functions related to literacy and writing, to navigating the physical world.

    Traditional approaches for the most part are ‘workarounds’ or compensatory – for example, if you have a poor memory then make an audio recording of your lectures so you can go over the material that you were unable to retain in memory, or if you cannot write, use voice recognition software –and do not address the root cause of the problem but try to find ways around the problem.

    The difficulty with this approach is that no compensation or work around is fully effective and it takes huge amounts of energy to implement these techniques.



    The goal of the Arrowsmith Program is to strengthen the learner’s ability to learn through a range of specific programs so that learning can proceed easily and efficiently.

    The Arrowsmith Program does not teach content, but changes the capacity of the learner to learn so that the learner can understand, absorb, retain, process and use the content. This lays the foundation for learning by strengthening critical cognitive functions such as reasoning, thinking, planning, problem solving, visual memory for symbol patterns, auditory memory for facts and instructions, visual memory for objects such as landmarks and faces, number sense, non-verbal problem solving required for effective social interaction, spatial reasoning necessary for navigating one’s way, and learning motor plans involved in writing and reading. This approach allows the learner to proceed through his or her academic and vocational career with strengthened cognitive functioning and to succeed where before they struggled and often failed.


    Initially, it is essential to identify each student’s cognitive profile – his or her specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This is accomplished through a detailed assessment process and this determines which cognitive exercises each student needs to work on.


    Arrowsmith is Internationally recognised as a leader in helping children and adults with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing and working memory difficulties. 

    We have over 40 years’ experience; our individual programs use neuroplasticity to improve cognitive capacity and the effectiveness of Arrowsmith is proven with scientific research and brain imaging.

    Our free online test will help identify areas where you may need some help with learning. Arrowsmith targets 19 different areas of the brain. To find out your cognitive profile take our free on-line test. It should take about 20 minutes and provide some immediate feedback. 


     Arrowsmith students say that the program improves their overall quality of life at school, sport etc not just their grades. Once the new neural connections are made, they remain for the rest of their lives.  

    Our students tell us “this program has literally changed my life” ™*

    If you would like to know more about how Arrowsmith can improve your or your child’s life, book a 15-minute call with us.  

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