ARROWSMITH AT-HOME Online learning that makes it possible for anyone to sharpen their cognitive skills and improve their memory.

Start your learning journey from anywhere in New Zealand with an online Arrowsmith Assessment.

We are an established international neuroplasticity program that helps you unlock your full potential.


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Choose your Where. Study at School, Office, or Home.

We understand that it is not the intensity but the consistency, that gets results. You don’t get fit by doing 5 hours in the gym once a week, it’s the 30 minutes or more every day that builds to success and neuroplasticity works in the same way.

To help you succeed, accessing the program easy during the day or in the evening from your office, your home, or where ever works best for you. 

Choose your When. Flexible study days and times.

Exercises can be undertaken at times to suit to work around your busy timetable. Similarly we offer flexibility around our regular facilitator meetings.

 To help you succeed, we make accessing the program easy so you can fit Arrowsmith into your busy life. Book a 30 minute session during the day from your office, or home and start to unlock your full potential. 

Real Time Monitored Facilitator-Led Programs

Our programs are proven to increase your learning capacity and improve your ability to actively participate in all aspects of life. Memory, reasoning, problem-solving, comprehension, written expression, and understanding social relations can all be improved.

All in school classes and At-Home Arrowsmith programs require participants to work under the constant guidance of a trained facilitator. The progress of each student in real time via a tablet. Each student’s progress on their tailored program designed to increase learning capacity.

There are a variety of At-Home Programs available allowing for flexible participation – all with the guidance of a trained facilitator.  

Who is the program for?

Originally developed over 40 years ago to help address a wide range of learning difficulties, the program now offers a range of programs to help improve cognitive function and working memory.

The remote program is available for students of any age from seven and above but is particularly suitable for the following:

College Students who want to improve their grades can do so at home with our after-school program, Springboard to NCEA™.

Adults who have learnt to ‘work around their problem’ for years can now finally strengthen their cognitive weakness without leaving their office by scheduling a regular 30-minute online session with us during your busy workday.

Retirees often experience loss of memory as they age. Arrowsmith can help you stay mentally sharp and fit so you increase your cognitive function and enjoyment of life.

Arrowsmith Assessment

The Arrowsmith assessment provides an informative perspective of one’s learning experience. It measures the underlying cognitive capacities that are responsible for learning and to create an individualized report which identifies one’s unique and specific combination of strengths and weaknesses and identifies any learning difficulties, inconsistent performance, or social and emotional difficulties.

Based on foundational neuroscientific research, the Arrowsmith Program recognizes learning as the result of the complex interactions of brain networks. These networks are comprised of distributed regions of the brain and each performs its own unique job, what Arrowsmith calls cognitive functions. Everything we do, from reading to solving a math problem, from navigating a new social situation to remembering our responsibilities in the workplace, requires these cognitive functions to be working together. If one or more of these functions are weak, learning becomes difficult.

A traditional assessment usually seeks to diagnose a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, poor executive function, attention problems or auditory processing disorder. The Arrowsmith assessment goes beyond such labels and determines which discrete cognitive functions are weak and therefore leading to these diagnoses. Each function is measured on a 12-point rating scale, which indicates the degree to which a function is operating, and therefore the degree to which it is capable of contributing to a given learning task.

Upon completion of the assessment a learning profile summaries the individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses by describing each function, its contribution to the learning process, and its rating enabling students to have a comprehensive understanding of their unique cognitive composition and how it impacts the learning experience. 

The Arrowsmith Program Assessment is not a traditional psychological or educational assessment and cannot be used to obtain mainstream school accommodations, curriculum modifications or compensations that a conventional assessment might. Instead, it classifies the nature of one’s strengths and difficulties across a continuum of ability and recommends individualized programming to address the learning difficulty, not compensate for it.

“Teachers and parents find the Arrowsmith cognitive profiles—which offer an explanation of each student’s cognitive, academic, and social differences—easy to understand. 

For the first time, many of these parents grasp their child’s behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses, and this understanding has led to their increased patience, support, and advocacy for their child. 

As one  parent said,  “It explains so much why she is the way she is.” Understanding behavior through a cognitive lens leads to compassion, and is the starting point for change.”

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If you are interested in learning more about our programs or you would like to talk about how we can help you unlock your potential, book a 15-minute call or a consultation with us.

We do not charge for an initial 15-minute discussion and we would love to hear from you see if this program is a good fit and we can help.

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