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David Seymour Act leader looking at how neuroplasticity could change the direction of New Zealand education in tomorrow's schools

It was a great pleasure to show the Hon David Seymour, Epsom electorate MP, leader of ACT New Zealand around A1 Student today.

David recently hosted a public consultation of the Tomorrow’s Schools Board Review to raise public awareness of the proposed changes to New Zealand’s education system. He was keen to see, first hand, the results our students have achieved with help from Pip and her team.

David was able to see pupils undertaking cognitive exercises which specifically target each student’s needs. He also learnt about our 30 minute-a-day mainstream accelerated learning program. This has over 35 years’ proven research-based success and offers a superior learning foundation to an entire class.

He was able to speak with some of our students who told him about the positive impact A1 Student has made to their lives and the benefits they have achieved with the Arrowsmith Program. 

We are excited to hear about David’s vision to provide parents with greater control around the choices relating to their child’s education. This resonates with many of our parents who understand that every child’s educational needs are different.

We would like to thank David most sincerely for giving up his time to visit A1 Student.