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A1 Student- Who we are

Our Back Story

Pip Block, Principal, began teaching in 1994 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate Certificate in Education degrees in the UK.

Before joining Saint Kentigern Boys’ School in 2010 she worked at Life Education Trust for 5 years. Their vision is to enable children to reach their full potential which she shares. 

The Benefits of Arrowsmith

Seeing the benefits to students of Arrowsmith’s approach using neuroplasticity by helping them unblock their barriers to an effective education she wanted to focus on teaching this program to make a real difference in her students’ lives by enabling them achieve their goals of academic and career success.

After training as a full-time Arrowsmith teacher in Toronto, Canada in 2014 she established the Arrowsmith Program at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School to benefit students with a ‘block’ in their learning.

Why we established A1 Student Arrowsmith School

As word spread of the effectiveness of Arrowsmith and the life-changing results she was achieving Pip started to receive enquiries from students at other schools.  With the full support of the Saint Kentigern School Board, she established A1 Student Arrowsmith School in the Gatehouse at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School at the beginning of 2018 and as our student numbers have grown A1 Student relocated to larger premises in Auckland at the start of 2020. 

We are an ERO 900 Minisitry of Education approved private school and our experienced team of teachers and Arrowsmith Program facilitators share Pip’s passion.

A1 Student has expanded to offer Arrowsmith Online

We help students of all ages and cognitive ability and what makes this such a rewarding area of teaching is that we see real benefits in our students every day because as they master each progressive task they grow in ability as well as self-confidence.

in response to Covid 19 Arrowsmith expanded their program online and our A1 team now offers Arrowsmith Online to students and adults located anywhere.

if you would like to discuss how we can unblock your learning, or you are an experienced teacher or Senco interested in finding out more about neuroplasticity, the science of learning, please book a free 15-minute call with us. 

Having been a teacher of Arrowsmith for the past seven years, it is clear to me that this program can help people ‘unblock’ pathways in the brain so they can dare to dream again.
Pip Block
Principal A1 Student

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