Our students tell us that “this program has literally changed my life”

 A1 Student is an independent co-educational and non-denominational private day school. 
We are accredited to offer the Arrowsmith Program which helps New Zealand students accelerate their learning in the following areas: 

Our accelerated learning programs use neuroplasticity and have over 40 years’ proven research-based success. We accept students aged seven to adult who wish to unlock their potential, including those who have specific learning difficulties. What makes Arrowsmith unique is that we do not use any compensatory methods; instead, we address the core learning challenges and form new neural pathways and we design a seperate program based upon the individual’s cognitive profile. This focused approach ensures each student works on what they need so that they can increase their learning capacity and build a stronger foundation for learning.

We offer in-school programs as well as Arrowsmith At-Home so that students anywhere in New Zealand can now improve their capacity to learn. Our remote learning programs allow for flexible participation, with participants working from home under the guidance of a trained facilitatorThis is ideal for students, able to self-manage, as they can work around their existing timetable and other commitments, like sport and for our adult students it allows them to design a flexible timetable around work,  in order to upskill by turning a cognitive weakness into a strength. 

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