Our students tell us that

"this program has literally changed my life"

A1 Student Arrowsmith School.  We are an approved independent  co-educational and non-denominational private day school.

We are a member of the Independent Schools of New Zealand and registered by the New Zealand Ministry of Education [ERO 900 Minisitry of Education]  

 Our school is accredited to offer the Arrowsmith Program  in school and online which enables  our students to achieve a stronger foundation for learning as well as literacy and numeracy classes together with arts; crafts; science & extra-curricular activities. 


Our introduction will gives a broad overview of Arrowsmith and our testimonials from our A1 Students and their families .will give you an insight into how Arrowsmith has impacted their lives in a positive way.  will give you an insight into why students across the world say that this program has changed their life.

The Arrowsmith Program has evolved over 40 years and there is extensive scientific research and development proving it’s effectiveness. Arrowsmith is based upon the principles of Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change by forming new neural pathways. This is the foundation of all learning and it happens throughout our lives.

Would you like to understand your own cognitive profile and find out your own strengths and weaknesses? If so please take our free online test. It is confidential and will give you immediate feedback.

If you would like to discuss you learning needs with us, please schedule a free 15-minute call with us and let’s talk about how we might be able to help.  


Arrowsmith’s accelerated learning programs are built to meet your specific needs because everyone has their own unique cognitive profile, like a fingerprint. What makes Arrowsmith unique is that we do not use any compensatory methods; instead are programs are capacity based. 

This means we focus on helping you unblock your learning and address the core learning challenges instead of helping you compensate and work around your problem. Each student is able to work at their own pace on what they need which builds a stronger foundation for learning.

We offer in school programs as well as online programs from your home or office to help students of all ages based anywhere in New Zealand.

All our programs are operated under the guidance of a trained facilitator and by strengthening the learner’s fundamentatal foundation for learning through specific cognitive exercises Arrowsmith makes learning easier and more efficient by increasing the student’s cognitive processing speed and working memory, which has universal benefits. 

30-minutes each day of Arrowsmith can change your brain and change your life.


Students are typically given a way to avoid that problem in school e.g.  extra time on tests,  use of a keyboard because their written output was too slow with paper-pencil tasks, teachers writing down what they say on the white board etc. Arrowsmith is the first comprehensive assessment-to-intervention program in the world able to address a wide range of cognitive capacities.  An assessment identifies the weak areas and then implements a cognitive capacity improvement program to strengthen auditory working memory.

When designing educational programs neuroscientists and educators at universities around the world are now studying the Arrowsmith Program to discover how both could work together to improve educational outcomes of children.

Research on the Arrowsmith Program is highlighting the fact that this is not true; that the underlying cause of learning disabilities, weaknesses in neurological functioning, can be improved.

Students will not achieve simply with after school tutoring, extra maths or reading intervention programs. This only results in a child who begins to feel utterly useless, a failure and disappointment. Providing a child with sensory information they cannot process, memorize and therefore, understand does more harm than good where there is a real need for cognitive capacity intervention before achievement intervention.

Research since 1966 shows that the less a parent ‘helps’ their child, the more positive the outcomes for academic achievement, personality, and social adjustment. Arrowsmith teaches both the child and parent that success is based on their effort, their ability to set goals and to achieve them over time.

Our students are not successful in the Arrowsmith Program because of luck or fate, but from determination, resilience, and responsibility. This allows them to build an internal locus of control greater self-belief realize that their success is dependent on their own engagement in life resulting in self-confident, happy, successful individuals.


Does this mean that people classed as having a ‘learning difficulty’ are more likely to be high achievers? 

Whilst you may have a cognitive weakness in a particular area it does not mean you do not have a superior strength in others. There are many famous actors; musicians; sportsmen and sportswomen; scientists; inventors, authors and businesspeople all who have dyslexia and despite, or because of this, they are exceptional in their respective fields. 

Read more about this, watch Sir Richard Branson talk about why he regards dyslexia as one of the reasons for his success or download the reports by the International Accountants EY on our learning differences page.

  • The Arrowsmith suite of cognitive programs comprising over 12,000 discrete levels of computerized, auditory and pencil and paper exercises that are refined and updated annually.

The program was first designed and built by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young who had a learning disability herself so she knew that a program that worked on addressing cognitive weaknesses would be challenging and over the last 40 years it has developed into  a program which can address 19 different areas of the brain.

The delivery of Arrowsmith is built to inspire and encourage each student to move forward through each challenging task by normalizing feedback, making it immediate and seeing it as a way to grow your potential to learn and to set new goals in your program.

The Arrowsmith Program incrementally challenges each student on a set of specific cognitive tasks, giving the right feedback to reinforce success when necessary, and move them to mastery level of that cognitive task over time. Once achieved, a higher level of cognitive challenge is then presented to the student so that they continue to grow in learning capacity and their self-belief.

Arrowsmith teachers say “it is so rewarding to provide this program to my students. I am giving them more hope, [and] more control over their lives.” 

Arrowsmith allows teachers to directly improve the quality of life so children benefit both at school, at sport and for the rest of their lives.


Full-Time/ Part-Time Programs 

Accelerator™* Cognitive Learning Program [MSS] 

Accelerator  Cognitive Learning Program [MSS] [‘First-in-Class’ ™ 

Springboard to NCEA™

Symbol Relations ‘Clocks’ Cognitive Enhancement Program  

Cognitive Intensive Program, CIP Program 

™*unregistered common law trademark


Individual In-Class learning programs


Remote learning programs for adults and students

Take Arrowsmith’s FREE Cognitive online Questionnaire.

We target 19 different areas of the brain.

unlock your full potential and improve your all-round abilities, not just their numeracy, literacy and working memory.

take Our free online test and identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

we can help dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing and working memory difficulties.

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